Thursday, June 19, 2008


Morning Weight: 188.0 lbs

I am now in that part of the plan where consistency will be key. I'm losing little bits of weight each day rather than the large amounts I was losing each day during the first two weeks. But I am ahead of where I thought I would be, so that is great. I have a calendar set up in Excel on my computer which shows how much I will weigh each week on each day if I assume that I can lose 2.5lbs/week. I'm rather excited, because after plugging in my actual weight for this week I'm already 3lbs ahead of plan. This means that I could reach my goal weight of 160lbs three weeks before the end of Phase 1 of my program. That's good because then I will have that much more time to determine how to maintain my weight and build good maintenance habits. That's something that I will really need to learn- I know how to lose weight, but maintaining is a completely different story!

The big news (hard to believe I am calling this big news) is that as of last night I can have vegetables again - at least most vegetables. In celebration of this I cooked up a mixture of zucchini, carrots, peppers, onion, broccoli and asparagus last night. Never in my life have vegetables tasted so delicious. And since I used cooking spray instead of oil, there was no fat content in the mixture. Normally I would have used quite a bit of olive oil, which as far as oils go is a very healthy one to have, but I know that I must use way too much. Also, my dietician told me about numerous ways to substitute foods for the shakes that I'm having to consume. Now I think I may only have to drink 1-2 a day. This morning I was going to cook up an egg white omelet with onions and asparagus, but I couldn't figure out the proportions correctly to get it right. So I just went with the standby strawberry protein shake with blueberries and peanut butter.

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Lane said...

This weekend we can spend some time figuring out proportions for things like omelets and your salad dressing :)

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