Thursday, June 12, 2008

Has Spring Arrived?

Morning Weight: 193.2 lbs

I looked at my phone's weather gadget on the way to work today and it said that this afternoon will be sunny and 69 degrees. Could this finally be the arrival of spring/summer? Or will it be just another of several teases, where the weather gets nice for a few days but then reverts to long spells of nastiness? We are all obviously hoping that this time it will be different.

Well, I am down in weight again, and today will be the first true day of being on the diet my dietician gave me. I was almost completely on it yesterday but since I didn't quite know what it was going to be, my lunch ended up being off plan, though it was still a very healthy salad. Right now, I am not allowed to eat anything other than protein shakes, protein bars (as a shake replacement) and lean or very lean protein meats (salmon, tuna, chicken, lean cuts of beef). This morning I also began my morning vitamin/supplement routine: 2 fishoil capsules, 2 multivitamins, 1 calcium tablet and 1 tablespoon of fiber. The recommendation from the club is to keep the fishoil capsules in the freezer to prevent "Fish Burps". My god if that actually happens, I think I will be VERY grossed out.

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Meghan said...

69 degrees being the start of summer! I would die.

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