Thursday, June 26, 2008

Seattle Drivers = Crazy

Morning Weight 186.4lbs

OK, so I must have a sign on my car today that says "Please force me off the road". First as I was merging onto 520, some jackhole in a Scion decides that he really does not want me to merge. So at 40 miles an hour with the end of the on-ramp looming I had to force myself into the lane...I had to merge while the front of his car was still about a third of the way overlapped with the rear of mine. Then just after I405, a motorcycle driver on a very big touring bike decided that he could merge in front of me with literally inches to spare. Its not like he was accelerating into my lane to go faster. He merged at the exact same speed and forced me to heavily brake to avoid killing him. Whoever it is parked in the garage below my building, so I am tempted to leave a truly nasty note for him. Finally, as I was exiting 520, at the last minute some idiot in a small pickup truck decided that the HOV lane was not where he wanted to be- he wanted to be in the exit lane. He swerved directly into my path and almost even hit the divider between the HOV lane and exit ramp.

On the diet front- I went to see my dietician yesterday and I am now permitted up to two servings of cheese a day! Woo hoo...naturally it must be low fat cheese, but I'm ok with that. Also, a serving is not necessarily defined as whatever the cheese label says it is. It's defined as 7g of protein. That means for the Laughing Cow Lite cheese, I can have up to 3 wedges per serving!! That's more than I usually eat, so I'm happy about that. I lost 2.4 pounds over the course of the past week, and the dietician told me that I am really doing well in terms of eating well and losing weight. 2.5 pounds/week is a healthy amount to lose. One concept that I will need to get used to is not expecting every day to have lost weight. Today for example I am .2 pounds heavier than yesterday. I will continue to monitor on a daily basis, just because I enjoy graphing it out, but I won't worry about not losing from day to day, so long as I am down by next week's dietician appointment.

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