Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Feel a cold coming?

Morning Weight : 188.6

Yesterday I finally got to do some weight training, though not a lot. Since I had hurt my hand at Christmas time, I have not been doing any pushups…let me tell you… they were really tough even though I only had to do 15 of them. Granted it was right after I did 15 reps of bench press, but still I was shocked at how hard they were. I'm looking forward to getting back in shape in my upper body.

I am down a bit more than 5 pounds from a week ago, so I am happy with my first week results in 20/20. I will meet with my dietician today…hopefully I will get to add some vegetables into my diet at this point, if not I'll have to wait a week. One thing is that this morning I woke up with the feeling in my throat that I'm getting a cold or something. I REALLY don't want to get sick again… I was sick almost the entire month of May, and I've been feeling good, eating healthy, getting good sleep, so hopefully I will be able to fight this off.

Today I will take the day off from cardio…my legs are definitely feeling the increase in activity. Yesterday I did 30 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes on the much dredded stepmill. I hate that thing. At least with my trainer there talking to my while I'm on it, the time does go by quicker than if I were to do it alone. My hope is that I will be in the 183lb range when we go to Warren in two weeks…that will be a good weight. I will have to buy a blender and a food scale for the house in Warren to keep to my diet!


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Lane said...

I think you should mention you're not feeling great to the nutritionist this afternoon. Not eating veggies may be affecting your immune system.

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