Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weekend Recap

Morning weight: 177.6 lbs

Tuesday morning is granted a bit late to recap the weekend, but there are several things that are top of mind that I want to get into here. Friday we went to our neighbor's house for a BBQ and I was very good about watching what I ate- I brought over my food scale and some measuring cups so that I knew exactly how much chicken and tomato/cucumber salad I ate. Then after that I eyed a chicken sausage that was sitting there begging to be eaten. It was delicious. It was also full of sodium and it caused me to retain a massive amount of water leading to a weight reading on Saturday morning of 180.8lbs... well above my 180 pound threshold that I was so proud of crossing.

To make matters worse, I really did not eat enough carbohydrates on Friday and did not get enough sleep. The result is that my run on Saturday morning, which was supposed to be 1 hour long ended up being half an hour and a 15 minute walk back uphill home. I felt miserable and deflated..I had no energy left, and after such a great run on Wednesday last week I had expected a much better run.

Sunday was a MUCH better day... although I stayed up late watching the Sopranos on Saturday and fell asleep on the couch, I still managed to sleep in on Sunday morning and had plenty of time to chill/wake up slowly. After my breakfast and morning snack I started to feel more energetic, so I went to the gym to do a treadmill run. That run felt fantastic! I ran solidly at 6.5mph for 30 minutes and then did a speed workout for the next 30 minutes. First interval was 90 seconds walking followed by 8.5 minutes at 6.7mph. Second interval was 90 seconds walking followed by 8.5 minutes at 7mph. The final interval was 90 seconds walking followed by 3.5 minutes at 7.5mph. (all of this was at a very modest 0.5% incline).

My legs have definitely felt sore after the speed run, but it really felt good and I'm glad I did it. Even more encouraging was that my heart rate was in the upper 160's even during the 7.5mph section... normally I would have expected 170's, so I'm getting in much better cardio shape these days.

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