Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Get Going Again

Morning Weight: 178lbs

I'm attaching my latest weight chart to provide some accountability for myself. As you can see the last two weeks have NOT been optimal. This past week I've been consuming too many salty foods, caused primarily from eating out almost every night. My weight is up about a pound from a week ago and you can see what large fluctuations I've had in the past two weeks. Clearly I did not have these fluctuations prior to this period, so I need to closely follow the guidelines of my diet now and get things under control.

I will be in Austin next week and will have no choice but to eat out, so I will not eat at a restaurant until then if I can help it. I also will talk to my dietician in another hour and a half, but my preference would be to not add anything back into my diet this week... I've not been worried enough about what I've been eating and so have not been truly paying close enough attention. So, I'm recommitting myself to this plan as of today!

Weight August 5

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