Friday, July 25, 2008

28.5 to 20

Morning weight: 179.2lbs

Yesterday I had my 5 week measurements taken at the gym. Actually, it has been 7 weeks since I started the 20/20 program, but this was the first opportunity to get the measurements taken. Overall I've done extremely well. In the 7 weeks, I've lost 21 pounds, lost two inches from my hips, 1 inch from my waist and here's the kicker: I wend from 28.5% body fat to 20.0% body fat. My lean body mass has remained constant at 141pounds. If I maintain that lean body mass, then when I hit my goal weight of 160 pounds, I will be 11.9% body fat. If I increase my lean body mass, which I do expect to do, I will have even lower body fat.

I'm excited for a sunny weekend in Seattle... I'm going to go for an hour run on both Saturday and Sunday. I hope that these runs feel as good as my run on Wednesday felt! This is getting fun!!!

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