Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Glad I didn't run the Seafair Marathon!

Morning Weight: 184.4lbs

I'm still losing weight steadily, but boy is it ever slower than the first week! Now I understand why diets are so difficult to succeed at- you really have to be dedicated to continuing eating well on a daily basis. One interesting observation I made in the last week- on Friday I ate Isiernos Chicken Sausage for dinner. My overall caloric goals as well as percentage from Fat, Carbs and Protein were all right on target. However, given that the sodium content in the sausage was high, I ended up 1.4 pounds heavier on Saturday morning than I was on Friday night. That's a ton of water retention!

Speaking of water, the annual Seafair marathon and half marathon was held here in Seattle this past weekend. I had considered targeting this race at some point in the future. I am really happy that this wasn't the year with all the issues they had- 400 people were left stranded by inadequate bussing and never made it to the starting line. Secondly, the course was far hillier than the course profile represented. Thirdly, they RAN OUT OF WATER on a VERY hot day!! That's inexcusable- it puts runners lives in danger! So I'll stick to my mediocre/cold weather races for now!

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with a note that says - to your cat from meghan. Yeah, I could see restraining orders and other problematic events occurring.

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