Sunday, November 14, 2010

And We’re Back!

Morning Weight: 181.4lbs

Well its been a few years since I was on 20/20 and its happened. My weight has creeped back up. About a year ago while spending two weeks in Cleveland at the hotel next to the Cleveland Clinic, I got very motivated and disciplined and got my weight below 180. I was in the 177-179 range all the way through spring 2010 until the summer.

Then over the summer I traveled so much that I didn’t exercise. I didn’t really pay very close attention to my weight.

That’s gotta stop. So I’m back on the 20/20 week 1 plan. Yesterday was Saturday and I spent the day watching college football and it was tough to get through it without having any beer, but I did. Today is easier, knowing that I got through yesterday.

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